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With Just Relax Spa you can put aside whatever worries you have about going to a men spa & step in with ease.

Just Relax Spa provide therapeutic massage by a team of more than 20 certified, skillful therapists. Committed to sincere service with no hard selling, you will be sure to walk away feeling relieved as our therapist take great care of you.

According to about 1,000 customer feedback, Just Relax Spa is most recommended for

根据大概1000名顾客反馈,Just Relax Spa口碑如下

Sincere service with no hard selling
Caring, Skillful Therapists
Reasonable prices

Operation Hours : 09:00am to 2:00am [Daily]

营业时间 :早上9点至凌晨2点 [每天营业]


I first went to Just Relax last week after a good recommendation from a friend who is a regular there. And indeed I was impressed by the professionism and the skillfulness of the therapist. After understanding my areas of concerns, he paid more attention to my aching shoulders and neck. On top of all, the price was very reasonable and there was no hard selling at all. Will definately go back again.
~ Eric on Facebook

我上星期首次去Just Relax Spa是通过一位时常去那的朋友介绍的。名不虚传,我的确被按摩师的专业和熟练的技术留下深刻印象。在了解我所需后,他比较专注我酸痛的肩膀和脖子。不单如此,这里价钱还非常合理也没有任何强行推销,我下次一定会再去。
~ 脸谱网的Eric

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